The Beginning

"We lived in an illusion of perfect harmony for centuries. But as whispers led to screams and a cascade of disasters, we eventually blew ourselves into the oblivion of extinction. So much for harmony right? Now, we're left with the rubble of our ruined universe. A shell to be reformed into something new... Something better."

In 2018, Shimotsuki was founded by french producer Sukuno. It was originally organized as a cozy space away from the stress of the world. To hang out with close friends and talk about music!

Shimotsuki Festival

"It wasn't long after the Great Abandonment that we, the survivors, realized that there were more than just a few a few of us who had pulled through. I was able to start one of the larger survivor groups, but I still have't found any Like Kin."

Shimotsuki as a virtual festival space started when the concept of a virtual music festival was still a new idea!
Featuring artists such as Moore Kismet, Kindrid, Kotori, Synthion and many more. Shimotsuki Festival brought attendees from around the world to our virtual space!

Haru Fest

Haru was Shimotsuki's first spring festival iteration, continuing the audio only format of our previous festival. It was during this time that we were preparing secretly our very first Minecraft festival...

Natsu Festival

Shimotsuki's very first Minecraft festival, Natsu Fest is where we transported everyone to an amazing fantasy place, between a mother tree, floating cubes, a sanctuary and an oval stadium bringing up a stage playing with columns of glass.

Along with a stacked 2-day lineup including Former Hero and ScummV, this was the first event where we introduced one-hour supersets, leaded by the Wild Northwest - a combination of 2 supergroups from other communitys' events - and the entire FORM staff team as FORMHAMPTON!
Without a doubt, Natsu will always have a special place in our heart as being the birthplace of all things Shimotsuki.

Aki Fest

Closing the season names, Aki Fest brought the same magic as Haru with a one-day audio event in early October 2019. With a lineup including Secret Castle, inkwill, and Orno. Aki is, with Moonchild and Orion festivals, one of the events whose main visual has been created by talented art and music maker Glasse.

Moonchild Festival

"I found one! Another one just like me! As terrifying as I knew it would be, they also shared the same story as mine. The Abandonment left us all lost, floating through space without any safety."

Moonchild festival, being the last event of 2019, closed out the year with on exciting tone! Featuring some exciting sets from dolltr!ck, Moore Kismet, World's Last Garden, Water Spirit, and transporting everyone to a magical moon-scape festival area with a full-sized mainstage. Moonchild still hold true as one of our favorite festivals to this day!
It was also shortly after Moonchild that we brought on our current Executive Producer, SIVIN, to assist with event planning.

Orion Fest

Shimotsuki's sixth event, Orion Fest, was a single day audio event held on our Discord.
With a smaller lineup than our other events, we had the opportunity to pay homage to our early days!

Andromeda Festival

"We actually managed to find a starship on this forsaken planet! We can finally get out of here."

Andromeda, our largest and most impactful music festival to date. Featuring two main stages, a full weekend of music, and over 140 artists, Andromeda is an event like no other!
Taking place on the gorgeous Starship Albeta amongst the Andromeda stars, attendees would be greeted by a massive, breathtaking auditorium! Fanning out from the auditorium were four passageways leading to the stages, credits, and a wonderful event gallery! Even to this day, we've yet to see a festival location as immense as Starship Albeta.

Sirius Fall Fest


Pleiades Festival

"We crashed in some frozen asteroids around BD +20 307, among the sisters. They followed us here too, or were they here to begin with? I can't tell... Either way, I went exploring and managed to actually find one of those who left during the Great Abandonment. We need to stay, this is our chance to rebuild."

If you ask one of our members which festival of ours is their favorite, they'll more often than not reminisce about the frozen virtual space of Pleiades Festival. It's understandable why, taking place in a wonderful frozen world, Pleiades pushed the bounds of what a Minecraft festival could be!
Featuring numerous mini-games, three main stages, and a massive explorable world full of secrets, hidden lore, and items. Pleiades turned Minecraft festivals into something more than just a main stage it became a full weekend getaway!

Eclipse Vol. 1

Eclipse Volume 1 was our very first music produciton event!
Music and visual artists were given a week to create a piece of art to submit in a competition against eachother! All dontions and revenue generated by the finished compilation album were and are being donated to the Give2Asia foundation! The release and processing of the album as handled by NoKnT Records.

You can click the Eclipse Volume 1 icon to go to the album!

Capella Spring Fest


Capella takes place in a gorgeous jungle area just slightly inland from the coastline.
Featuring artists such as Echorift, Dovve, Scrdycat and more; the two day festival became our first minor (Spring or Fall) fest to get its own Minecraft event space!

Milky Ways Festival

Do you like sand beaches? Well, we do! Attendees were transported to a vast tropical coastline full if secrets and exciting details!
The weekend comprised of a total of four stages, three over-the-top daily lineups, and over 400 attendees!
Each stage comprised of exciting VIP areas outfitted with hotubs, drink stations, dance polls, and even buttons for shooting fireworks on-stage! Aren't for that rail life? Attendees also had an opportunity to walk around our gorgeous tropical venue and enjoy a full sized pool, boat racing, spleef, and more!


In collaboration with Exobolt, Rushdown Records, and Omniversal.
We present our very first client production, EXOFEST!
Exofest took place in a beautiful jungle themed event space, which we based on inspiration from Exobolt's most recent album; Exobolt 008. The event space was decorated with a variety of custom flora and details never-before-seen in the virtual event space! (vertical slab gang rise up)

Exofest weekend saw hundreds of attendees enjoying mixes and visuals from top producers such as Chime, Skybreak, Similar Outskirts, and many more!

Aldebaran Fest

First audio festival since Sirius Fall in October 2020, we went to a very hot star named Aldebaran while bringing ourselves some rest, after 4 Minecraft festivals in a row. It was a pleasure to go with something more cozy and friendly, with Echorift, Goodnight Lavender, Shwirl and many more for two wonderful days.

Something Special

Our Something Special event marked a total turning point for Shimotsuki as a brand, community, and event space. We have so much exciting and amazing things coming up soon on the horizon! Just keep your eye's peeled cause you aren't gonna wanna miss this!

New Horizons

the event of horizons is coming



More Coming Soon