a space to celebrate music.

Since December 2018, we organize virtual audio and Minecraft festivals as well as production events, while bringing space and fantasy-theme artworks and talented artists from different horizons.

With twelve festivals in over two years, we brought not less than 330 artists and collaborated with other communities such as EXOBOLT and FORM, and recording labels such as Incursion, vibe.digital, Savona and Ecotone.

Since July 2020, we raised $1,773.22 for several charities, whose $531.79 for Prevent Cancer Foundation during Pleiades Festival. We focus on organizations caring about health and human rights, such as the Trevor Project or the Red Cross.

ISUNA / SUKUNO ✧ Founder, Admin, Minecraft Builder, Event Host, Web Design
SIVIN ✧ NoKnT Records Owner, Moderator, Developer, Minecraft Server Host, Builder
JERL ✧ Moderator, Developer, Audio Stream Host
HAMCORE ✧ Moderator, Developer, Photographer
YUUKI RAFFLESIA ✧ Art Director, Visual Artist, Team Member
THE DIAMOND PLANET ✧ Event Livestream Host, Team Member
PHILICHORDIA ✧ Plugin Developer, Team Member
1080. ✧ Texture Pack Maker, Team Member
SHADOWBYTE ✧ Community Manager, Team Member
ALLEN ✧ MC Server Content Manager, Team Member
DAVID KLETT + DEVBYTES ✧ Developers, Plugin and Server Help, Team Members

Additional help and support on our previous digital festivals by:
Aono Kou, Aspect, BBBBFC, DarkMageX, DeHollandseGeit, Djedi, DJRestone, Emta, FIBRE, Finlandball, Fyoomz, Glasse, HE77, Honabai, Hyperbolt, iimber, IOM a.k.a. Jupiter Himself, Infowler, Jono, KOTH, Major, McQ, Mergatroid, Mockingbird, Nebita, Nesulosity, Noah Norrod, Patrick Daitya, RobClemz, Sauce Provided, SDR, Sorryshape, Vintroxx, WeeWanderer, Wherefore, Yoink

the festival timeline.

  • SHIMOTSUKI FESTIVAL ✧ 21-22-23 December 2018
  • HARU FEST ✧ 30 March 2019
  • NATSU FEST ✧ 13-14 July 2019
  • AKI FEST ✧ 5 October 2019
  • MOONCHILD ✧ 20-21-22 December 2019
  • ORION FEST ✧ 2 April 2020
  • ANDROMEDA ✧ 10-11-12 July 2020
  • SIRIUS FALL FEST ✧ 2 October 2020
  • PLEIADES FESTIVAL ✧ 15-16-17 January 2021
  • CAPELLA SPRING FEST ✧ 3-4 April 2021
  • MILKY WAYS ✧ 9-10-11 July 2021
  • EXOFEST ✧ 28-29 August 2021 (co-organized with EXOBOLT)
  • ALDEBARAN FALL FEST ✧ 9-10 October

when space meets nature.

On 28-29 August 2021, we co-organized with EXOBOLT a Minecraft Festival called EXOFEST with Chime, Rob Gasser, Paper Skies, Volant, Similar Outskirts, Skybreak and more. All donations during the event went directly to The Trevor Project.

Rewatch the entire festival now, with a forest-themed Minecraft world and main stage we have created for the event.

supporting friendly travelers.

ready to join our universe?

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